Sunday, August 29, 2004

Bah stupid blooger
Wow: update!

Did a joint blog at Tin's site but i accidentally erased the entire thing! -sigh-
(It was at least 3 pages long!) oh well.

My TV arrived finally! (tues) and it is a thing of beauty. hahaha (screen size is still a bit small at 21 inches but it's fine)

Spent most of the stormy wed (happy 5 hun!) and thurs at Tin's house where we did nothing but snack lol. (this was covered in our joint blog btw)

Oh new shift: 4am to 1pm (don't know my dayoffs yet)

Sunday, August 22, 2004

SONY VEGA TV Countdown:

2 more days! It should be delivered on tuesday so I have to stay home all day to recieve it ^_^
Something to do during my 1 week (5 day) vacation:

VTES musings:

Organize my VTES cards!! (this is more than 6 months overdue). I was just going over the vtes newgroups after a long hiatus and upon reflection (yes I reflect on a card game =P) I realized that the anarchs option which I used to think/say was the worst sect/option is now starting to grow on me. (particularly since I've actually made a successful deck out of the anarch option--quite good but not tournament least not yet)

The Gehenna expansion introduced more new 3 way cards into the mix so this enables more options in deck building and more ways to play with the anarch rules. If I ever get around to organizing my cards I think I'll be making 2-3 more anarch decks. (vtes is coming back...slowly but surely)

So far I've made a fairly good anarch intercept/toolbox deck. I think it's time to make a barons vote deck. ^_^ (this will be sooo fun...i hope)

I played a game recently with Tin, Toad and 2 more players (my first vtes game after _at least_ 5 months!) and despite using a Karl deck managed fairly well. As fair as anybody with a Karl deck will hope to manage anyways hehe =P

I found that I missed the game somewhat. And that it was fun playing it with Tin ^_^
(although she was doing everything she could to oust me =P) I think I'll dabble in some more vtes eventually. (and I do have the time hehe)

Monster Pizza!

Apparently there's a new (for me at least) pizza join in town: Jugno's Monster Pizza!
I saw this in our office pantry --someone delivered 3 HUGE boxes and left it on the coffee table. They weren't kidding about monster pizza! Those boxes were enormous!
Might get to try it out later this sunday (hopefully)


Currently reading An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears. Great stuff for fans of the Alienist (Caleb Carr) and The Name of the Rose (Eco) according to the blurb on the cover. And of course I'm a fan of both hehe. It's a fun read (an intellectual thriller!!--yet another blurb =P)


I'm not really impressed with the movies out right now, although I do want to watch the Village it's not as compelling as the diretor's previous works. (maybe I'll rent it on dvd/vcd like I did with Signs)

Saw the trailer for Stepford Wives and it didn't grab my fancy. Ditto for Alien vs Predator. (I'll watch them to waste time but I won't actively seek them out at the cinema)


Friday, August 20, 2004

It's not as easy as it looks!

You'd think that with all the romantic movies out there --buying a ring would be as simple as going to the store, pointing out the one you like and paying for it...but no! If you're planning on buying a ring, always check to see if you know the ring size. @_@

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

New Threads and something else ^^

Oh yeah, got myself a new pair of jeans (finally!) and a pretty funky sling bag (which Carson from Queer Eye calls a "man purse") Money well spent! I've been planning on buying these items for months now lol.

What next? More jeans? New Glasses?

I'm thinking: A nice shiny engagement ring. ^_^

10 New Books! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Bookfair came and went and I managed to get 6-7 books out of that event ^_^
(the other 3 books were from booksale hehe) I'm all set for the next month now haha.
Had a lovely time visiting the fair with Tin and Carding. We were like tourists taking pictures lol! There's a very lovely picture of Tin somewhere in her blog (it's us in the book fair) She's just so cute! ^_^ Yes I'm happy. Yes I'm very much in love. ^_^ Yes I think she's so wonderful. ^_^

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Who would have thought that my mere 2-3 months in Dell Home Sales would actually get me a SONY VEGA 21" TV?? ahahahaha! (and to think I also won a very nifty mp3 player while I was still training lol)

I apparently accumulated some points (42,200) over the course of 2-3 months while doing my sales and it was enough to get me a brand new TV ^_^ (flat screen!)

I even have 3,200 left over hehe. Eventually I hope I can get enough to get a new cel phone ^_^

I'll post my future wish list later hehe (something to save up for)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Yes! A free 3 day vacation!

I'm expecting a 3 day suspension sometime this month...(and I honestly can't wait)
I mean sure it means no pay but that's ok with me --I'm almost dying from call center stress =P

3 free days--wheee! (hopefully friday, saturday and sunday)

I need a new non call center job.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Beach trip!! Boracay!!

Time for some rainy day beach madness! Carding, Dong and me have always wanted to take a road trip to Boracay during the summer but we've been too busy or too broke hahaha... Tin suggested we take the RoRo (short for something like Roll on Roll off)
it's like a super long ferry ride (you drive your car in the ship thingy, and roll off after like 12 hours lol)

Am still coordinating this grand adventure (in the middle of the rainy season no less) so it's still up in the air at the moment. Will need to ask pacoi and cuppkeyk's schedules (and by default abi and all the significant others)

I've been thinking and I just realized that it's been a long frickin while since I've been on a beach. =P (not like I miss it that much--but it's fun)
Yey Bookfair!

And thanks to Ateneo, Tin got free tickets! ^_^

Checked out Montgomery homes in E.Rodriguez (by Ayala Land) --lovely homes. I want to live there (all I need now is 10 million pesos...)

Oh and the reason for these short and sweet blog updates is because I'm doing them in between calls hehe (still no phone line sa house...)

On the plus side: I finally got my company ID so thats one less ID needed for a passport/bank account (will try for driver's license soon) and my SSS ID is also coming soon... ^_^
(yes I'm on the grid once again)

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bookfair na!

Next week na! syet...kiss my money goodbye hehehe.

The one good thing about it (if it is a good thing) is that the venue is a bit hard to go to (for me that is) so I'll probably only be able to go there just once.

ah well...we'll see. ^_^

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Go nuts!

Change in work schdule (2am to 11am) allows me to buy donuts at Go nuts donuts in GB3 finally! (that's about the only good thing about this sked)
oh well...(there goes the night diff)