Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This is a sad day...

CCHQ is closing.

Goodbye to the most wonderful place in katipunan.

You will be missed.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

and a happy thanksgiving to you too!

Not that we celebrate that particular holiday or anything--but that just means no work for any call center (except maybe tech support)--so...big yey =P

Just celebrated Carding's Birthday last night --was actually fun --the usual get together with the gang, some drinks, some food (dinner was at Hap Chan west ave for Carding's favorite Soy Tofu---the salt and pepper squid was amazing!!)

Consumed an unhealthy amount of food (2 orders of Yang Chow fried rice!) and still managed to find room for dessert (tried out the new ice cream nuggets by magnolia--yumy but a little bit too much in price for the novelty)

All we missed was Cuppkeyk the group lush hehe--Dong did his usual bartender thing (he made a nice drink with ice tea and some gin and soda)

I can't wait for the 23rd! (thats when i experience my first plane ride hehe) Iloilo here i come!

oh yeah...13th month pay should be coming up soon...(I calculated it and it really aint much)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

WATCH NATIONAL TREASURE. Now. (and grab some friends)

One of the best friggin movies for the year!! Kick arse!!

Non-stop action, the pacing was amazing! It only lets you catch your breath for around 2 minutes before starting another insane action sequence; the puzzles were cool and somehow researched enough--(although highly impossible hehe) it's just great the way they tied everything together.

And to think this movie was 2 hours and 10 mins hehe. (Tin went to the restroom twice)

Templar shit. Rock. (am still in rave mode)

I want a copy for the house ^^

Saturday, November 20, 2004


So it costs around 20k to get married in Alabang...(air conditioned church tho!)

gotta save up!

oh yeah I'm going to Iloilo for christmas ^_^ (my first plane ride! whee!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

oh yeah...time to be a little more political:

Powell just sent in his resignation (Rice may take his place--)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Something that needs to be said every now and then:

I love you Tin!

ala lang-- ^_^

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Comics and more comics talk

Check out this new web comic:

It's cute ^_^

Jenny Jetpack!

In other comics news:

The new issue of previews is out so I think I'll begin a list of the comics i want to get but can't really afford to and another list of comics I'll most definitely get regardless ^_^

Despite having a girlfriend who partly owns a comic book shop --it does have it's pros and cons (a drawback is that she always knows how much money you have hehe)

Stuff I want: (some or most of these are already out now)

Avenger's Disassembled (it all starts here!--the old team is dissovled and some avengers die! --like hawkeye finally =P go Bendis!)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest heroes (a re-telling by Geof Johns and Scott Kollins--amazing art by the former flash artist, interesting take--a must get since it's only a limited series) It's a fun mini series made by DC creators all about a Marvel superteam hehe.

Ex Machina tradepaperback (by Brian K. Vaughn--writer of the hit Y: the Last Man--good stuff considering the current political climate in the states, It's about a superhero who runs for mayor of a major city --new york? i forgot--the art is done by Tony Harris of Starman fame, some of his best work yet!)

Identity Crisis -- If it weren't for the art I'd actually get this. I'm not really a fan of the artist but critics have said that this is best work since hawkman. A highly controversial series where "several" DC heroes die (death toll so far: Sue Dibny, wife of Elongated Man who was raped and murdered--also turns out she was pregnant; Firestorm--apparently shot or something, never really read it yet and Tim Drake's dad--Robin's dad gets hit by Captain Boomerang right in the heart area ow.)
Maybe I'll just wait for the trade.

Vtes Scratchpad:

since I can't access my hotmail on this office account I'll just put my random vtes thoughts into this blog =P

more anarch goodness: (what else is new...I'm still having fun with them hehe)
I haven't even explored the wacky combos and tricks of the Black hand yet! (maybe next year na hehe--)

got this from the ventrue anti-tribu newsletter:

Vampire of the Month: Dominique

Clan: Ventrue antitribu (group 2)
Capacity: 7
Disciplines: AUS FOR ani dom vic
Sabbat: As a (D) action, Dominique may put a vandal counter on a
location. If a location has a number of vandal counters equal to its
cost (or 1 vandal counter if it has no cost), burn it.

Dominique Advanced
Clan: Ventrue antitribu (group 2)
Capacity: 7
Disciplines: AUS FOR ani dom vic
Advanced, Sabbat: During your untap phase, you may burn a location you
control to gain X pool, where X is the cost of that location.
[Merged] Independent Anarch Baron of Paris.

Dominique can play nine of the anarch-requiring discipline-based
cards: Diversion, Friend of Mine, Gear Up, Improvised Tactics, Loose
Cannon, The Mole, Principia Discordia, Reformation, and Smash and
Grab. This enables you to prevent damage, reduce a bleed against you,
gain +1 strength, draw an extra card during the press step, cause
aggravated hand damage if blocked, untap to block actions, cause a
bleed by a younger vampire to fail, burn an equipment card, steal a
hunting ground (to use or to gain two pool from!), and burn two life
from an ally or retainer. She's a pretty neat little vampire, really,
and we've not even discussed her discipline spread.

Dominique's AUS and ani make her an especially potent intercept
blocker since she can use the permanent retainers of animalism with
the transitory intercept of auspex. Once she does block, her superior
fortitude will enable her to survive to block another day and her
vicissitude lets her torporize unwary victims so they can't take any
more actions against our clan. Alternatively, you can go forward with
her by combining her AUS and dom to make her a bleeding machine with a
Pulse. Her auspex also comes in handy for croc-tongues and a little
telepathic vote counting. Need I mention that she can Freak Drive? I
thought not.

All told, Dominique is a remarkable vampire, especially when she
becomes an anarch.

Reading that just makes me go wow. hehe ^^

The possibilities!! (this is what really makes me interested in anarchs anyways--the sheer number of OPTIONS) It slices!(bleed) It dices!(combat) It wins games!(votes) Go toolbox! (nasty intercept and blood gain too!)

Rar anarchs! =P

another qoute from the same newsletter:

Card of the Month: Diversion

Type: Combat
Requires: anarch Celerity/Fortitude/Thaumaturgy
Requires a ready anarch.
[cel] Gain one additional strike.
[for] Prevent up to 2 damage.
[tha] Strike: ranged. Steal 1 blood with an optional maneuver.

Diversion is almost the only combat card you'll ever need. It enables
extra strikes, damage prevention, and a maneuver (with ranged blood
stealing). Our clan is perfectly positioned to utilize it at every
level, since a selection of our mid-caps have celerity or thaumaturgy.
The only combat attributes diversion doesn't provide (presses and
dodges) are easily obtainable through either auspex or fortitude
(in-clan disciplines for us) for little or no blood. (In the spirit
of intellectual honesty, I have to admit that S:CE isn't available
through this card either, but in these current nights of easily
available intercept, I find it more useful to endure combat and
inflict some harm than to run away from it like a scared little

It has been said that the most attractive feature of anarch decks is
their diversity of options. Diversion is perfectly fitting with that
philosophy. If you're planning to include fortitude damage prevention
cards in a regular deck, you can shift to anarchs and perhaps also
gain extra strikes or blood theft by substituting Diversion for those
prevention cards (depending on your crypt, of course, but celerity is
a widely available discipline; thaumaturgy is a highly valuable one).

In the rare event that you don't need to prevent damage, Diversion is
still cycle-able due to its "up to 2 damage" wording (you can always
prevent 0 damage with it), so it won't even clog your hand.



so the above statement is incorrect about cycling

Spotlight: Ventrue Antitribu Anarchs

If diversity of disciplines is your goal with an anarch deck, there
are several attractive mid- to high-cap !Ventrue that will be perfect
for your needs. In the mid-cap range, we have Vincent Day, Paladin
and Paragon (5-cap: aus dom for pot tha; extra vote for burning the
edge), Dylan (6-cap: aus cel dom for pro; +1 bleed), and Marlene, The
Infernalist (6-cap: AUS DOM dem for tha; refreshingly non-infernal).
Though not as discipline rich as their clan-mates, you should also
consider Gerard (5-cap: aus dom for obt) and Charice Fontaigne
(6-cap: AUS DOM for pot) since both potence and obtenebration are
quite attractive anarch disciplines.

In the high-cap range, !Ventrue have some highly attractive vampires
to "Go Anarch" with. Of course you're going to be using Dominique,
who at the ADV level is Anarch Baron of Paris, and who is detailed
below; you should also consider Owain Evans, The Wanderer (8-cap: AUS
DOM FOR cel pre; hunting ground for the Methuselahs of your choice).
Both Joseph O'Grady (7-cap: DOM FOR aus cel; burn a blood for a vote,
+1 str) and Edward Neally (7-cap: DOM FOR aus pre; very attractive
specials you should know from former !Ventrue newsletters) are quite
attractive 7-caps for "Firebrand."

If the Ventrue Antitribu had nothing more to give an anarch deck but
disciplines, they'd still be good, but our clan has so much more to
offer. Consider the very attractive !ventrue clan cards.
Demonstration (Master, 1 pool: tap to cancel the votes of any
vampire) is just as great for the Anarch movement as it is for the
Sabbat. Loyalist (reaction usable by a tapped !ventrue: gain 3 votes
against a political action) is equally detrimental to the other
politicians around the table if an anarch plays it. The fantastic
!Ventrue allies, our Political Antagonists (Ally, 2 pool: 1
life/str/bleed; tap to give a !ventrue +1 intercept to block a
political action), are pretty amazing little creatures, really,
considering that they can help you block those pesky votes to remove
your Fee Stakes.

I couldn't have said it better myself. ^_^

Diversion can really convince you to play anarchs just for the sheer versatility.

To anyone who knows me well enough, I really don't like the ventru anti at all. (i really hate them...i don't like their discipline spreads--i find it too defensive, no offense except for dominate)So this will mark a first hehe. I'm going to plan a deck based on ventru anti as anarchs. (if i can find the time)

One good thing about bush winning the elections:

hmm... can't think of any... =P

actually if Kerry won, I'd probably be out of a job--he doesn't like outsourcing so call centers would have been on his hit list.

Not that i like working in a call center myself but hey, it pays for the bills.

will be getting my student driver's permit this wed or thur, hope i can avoid the red tape that goes in any government institution =P (the last time was quick...45 mins to an hour)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stuff I need to do:

Get a driver's license (student)
Take a refresher course in driving
Steal enough money to buy a new car. (haha!)
Get a passport (just in case i win a travel package =P)

The new taxi cab fare rates are killing me! (my wallet mostly =P)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More geekness:

Am currently having fun reading comics blogs (yes there are actually several blogs on nothing but comics)

Very entertaining reading (if you're a fanboy)--lots of insider information since some of these people are retailers, lots of comic reviews--saves me a lot of trouble on finding out if a certain title that just came out is worth buying or not (very important if you're on a budget hehe) ^_^

I can just literally spend hours reading one blog. Progressive Ruin has a TON of links and blog links on everything comics related. Cool site!


In other news:

Just got an advance monthsary gift:

Lit Riffs

Writers "cover" songs they love
edited by Matthew Miele

cool stuff in the tradition of Lester Bangs daw =P

Yes I have a cool girlfiend ^^ (i love you hun!)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Back! after a bout of tonsilitis!

feel's like I just a had a week's vacation ^_^ no work! yey! (no pay though =P)

I'm really sick of the call center industry. I want out!

Hopefully my application to ABS-CBN goes through...(that training thing here at work didn't pan out well >_<)

I'd quit in a minute if I weren't the default bread winner for the family (it's just me and my mom right now) someone has to pay the bills =P

on another note:

Taxi fares are killing me! must get driver's license soon!

Then again the car in the garage ain't going anywhere unless someone pushes it.

I am going insane. stress stress stress (and to think I only worked for 1 day last week!)

On a positive note:

I've having the time of my life with Tin ^_^ Everyday is a new adventure for us-- places to see, new tastes, experiences etc. Really fun. (even if it's just staying at home and napping^^) Falling in love more and more everyday...