Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Shopping frenzy

Must try to cut back on shopping spree...bought more funky clothes (when did I become such a fashionista? hehe)

Goal for the month of july:

buy 2 pairs of jeans
some funky t-shirts
get my important paperwork done
clean out my comics backlog at CCHQ
take tin out to chateau verde ^_^
re-learn driving
stop being so paranoid whenever a strange dude asks to meet my girl (never!)

Looks like a lot of work,lets see if I can hit at least 3 of these goals hehe =P

Monday, June 28, 2004

very very eventful week!

Finally met Tin's parents (sweatdrop) whew! That made me nervous! ^^
I actually met the entire clan grabe! (it was a family event and I was invited --baptisM ^^)
Her folks are nice and friendly! (but then again what would you expect from a cheng chua? ^^) They did a lot to put me at ease ^_^

Attempted to go to the toy fair in Megamall but heard it was too crowded. Went home instead and played Marvel VS hehe

It's been a fun week so far...great way to end the month (except for a minor hitch regarding some gay/bisexual scheduling clandestine meetings with my girl *chika* =P)

Change of work shift starts now...hectic workload =P

Monday, June 21, 2004

Got sick...got better

What a way to waste your dayoffs =P Developed a slight fever on the start of my dayoff bleah. (This happened in Trellis pa naman--lost my appetite, couldn't even finish the sisig we ordered)

I am ever so thankful for my girlfriend for taking care of me. ^_^ I love you so much hun. I got better a lot faster due to this ^_^ (was able to watch Harry Potter finally! yey!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Food to Blog about!

Just tried out a new resto in greenhills: Oyster Boy --Damn! Good food!! Scallops that melt in your mouth! Juiciest oysters fresh from the shell! (grab a shell and just slurp it all up!) and one of the _tastiest_ sisig dishes ever! (with that extra hint of sweetness and spice that we expect comes from longganisa bits mixed in--yum)
They had their own version of paella --the seafood rice...yummy hehe

Apparently the resto hails from iloilo (my hun's hometown) so it was mainly seafood mixed with some inihaw na liempo, sisig, lechon kawali...basta good eats hehe.

This is definitely a resto that we're coming back to ^_^ (to try out the other oyster dishes! hehe)

Monday, June 14, 2004

oh yes...a return to geekdom =P

So I managed to grab a copy (borrow actually...thanks mahar!) of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for D&D...now it's time to rustle up some players hehe.

yes I'm a geek =P (but its been a long time!)
Yes...something new

Been doing a lot of research on a new cardgame (yes _another_ cardgame) It's the Marvel VS. system CCG (DC is also coming out with one using the same card game engine this month)

It's actually pretty interesting in terms of gameplay (art is fantastic btw--nice lineup of big name artists like Kevin Nowlan, Alex Garner, Brian Steelfreze etc)
I'm very much intrigued. (hopefully I can dupe some people into playing with me hehehe)

In other news: I helped out in Tin's kitchen and actually prepared my own lunch! ^_^ (penne pasta with cream of mushroom, bacon, cheese and pepper...yum)

ah the joys of domesticity ^_^

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Been a bit too lazy to update this....

Well actually I just can't seem to find the time, it's either work or time better spent with Tin ^_^

Hmm...what's new...

Oh yeah I bought new shoes ^_^

I noticed my old pair had a hole big enough to stick your finger in..so it was high time to replace em. Tin also saw a nice pair of sneakers in bench for less than php 500! (well it was php499 =P) So I got those as well. Confession time: I haven't owned a pair of sneakers for well over 7-8 years now! (believe it or not I've lived on sandals and slip-ons for at least 6 years hehe)

They look and feel funky ^_^

up next: jeans.

yes I'm slowly building up a decent fashion wardrobe again.

---closet metrosexual