Sunday, July 09, 2006

OMG Civilization!

We were just passing by the local mall (Atrium) when i saw it.

Filbars is opening in Iloilo! woot! Comics!

Altho they currently specialize in magazines...I spoke with the owner and asked if i could give him a list of the monthly titles i collect and if he can get them here in iloilo...he's ok with it so-- all seems to be progressing well in the comics department woot!

I'd die without Daredevil. (well not really but *shrug*)


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Six phrases from the man himself...

"Mr. T. "I pity the fool"
"Don't gimme no back talk sucka!"
"Shut up fool!"
"Don't make mad!" amongst others.

Yeah. Mr. T in your pocket. A must have.

My Xmas or Bday Wishlist (part 1)

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OVERSIZED SIN CITY!!! This is just AWESOME!!! I'm pretty sure the art will just jump off the pages. It's the perfect thing to have on your shelf. And they already released 2 of these!!!

I WANT... (I saw one on sale in Fully Booked--hopefully it'll still be there by december when i scrape up enough money to get this)

Here's the write up on the second Library set:

This second Sin City slipcase completes the oversized archival editions, available only in these exceptional collections. The handsome 8"x12" books feature the individual stories printed on high-quality paper stock and showcase Miller's atmospheric cover art from the original comics!

Created with serious Frank Miller collectors and art connoisseurs in mind, these new archival editions are sure to satisfy! This slipcase holds Sin City volumes five through seven: Family Values, Miller's first direct-to-trade work; Booze, Broads, and Bullets, an expansive compilation of short stories from the Town without Pity; and Hell and Back, the longest Sin City story to date!

This Library set also includes a special edition of The Art of Sin City, a lush complement to these deluxe volumes. The Art of Sin City extends the reach of the Eisner, Harvey, and National Cartoonists Society award-winning series by showcasing content‹such as Miller's preliminary sketches, that cannot be found elsewhere.

Now the groundbreaking work that sent a rush of adrenaline through the entire industry is available in an attractive archival format!

Dark Horse, 4 slipcased hardbacks, 736 pages (total), published May 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006


He's here! and He's cute! (then again i'm biased duh)

He turns red a lot most especially when he cries...and he does that a lot =P

Poops a lot too--mainly due to the fact that he EATS A LOT!!! (almost 4 ounces!--which is supposedly not good for babies)

Then again he is big for his age---Seth's not even 3 weeks old but his size is that of a 5-6 week baby. Yeah. My son the basketball player jock. O_o

I can't wait to teach him VTES and watch him kick ass hehe.