Tuesday, December 28, 2004


After almost a month of no updates--hehe (I blame work!...yeah right =P)

It's been a wild and crazy week! I was forced to do an Amazing Race type adventure just to reach Iloilo! My first day (and first plane ride) was destination: Bacolod--which is incidentally on a different island from Iloilo so I had to take a ferry ride the next day just to meet up with Tin!

It's actually pretty fun going to a place you don't know, not knowing the language, not even sure if you can get a ferry ride to iloilo hehe (I didn't make it that day since I arrived in Bacolod at around 630pm and the last ferry goes at at around 6pm)

I stayed in a seedy pension house while I waited for morning (this is after waiting for several hours in the airport terminal just hoping to get a chance passenger ride to iloilo)

The Supercat (that's the name of the ferry service) ride was amazing! Airconditioned rooms with an onboard movie! I took the movie as a good omen: 50 First Dates...the very first date i had with Tin ^_^

Will write more about my iloilo trip later--it's too long for just one write-up ^_^

Needless to say I ate a LOT of seafoods, had a serious talk with Tin's Parents (wherein I formally ask for permission to marry her) and ate a lot of seafood. =P

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Switching to Sun!

Trying out the unlimited 24/7 calling and texting stuff...will post results later

oh and I think we found our ring na ^_^