Saturday, January 15, 2005

For wedding news:

check out our joint wedding blog:

Tin and Jo's wedding blog!
It's been a few days now but what the heck:

Comics news: Wil Eisner is dead.

Big deal. (blasphemy!)

The biggest news pa rin is (comics related): CCHQ is closed.

Now that's sad shit. (who cares about an old geezer you've never even met? much less read?--nevermind that the eisner awards were named after him =P)

Where will you hang out in katipunan now? Where else can you get your comics at reasonable prices and share meaningful conversation with the shop owners?

(you can't really "hang out" in Comic Quest or god forbid--Filbars...there's just no place to sit! Don't you just miss those nice benches in CCHQ?)

I really miss the place. Time to move on though...we got a wedding to plan!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Clear Blue Round Peg
Clear blue round 1x1

You're a clear blue 1x1 round peg. You're very rare
and very cool looking, and a lot of you would
make for some very pretty designs. A building
made of you would look dark, mellow, moody and
just plain awesome. However, no one owns more
than two of you, from that one police station

What Lego piece are you?
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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The lack of a PC!

That's the main problem in updating this blog...(I've been without a PC at the house for months now)
I think I'll try looking around for some RAM next time I'm in greenhills. =P

Oh, and my DVD player finally died. Talk about nothing to do at the house! (Carding took his PS2 with him)
I don't feel that old...really...